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The 2013 Seafood Festival wine pairs well with and compliments lighter seafood dishes. We like to say “It pleases the palate and makes the heart happy”.

Lake Road Winery is proud to have been chosen in 2012 and 2013 to produce the North Carolina Seafood Festival Wine.

We crafted a special blend for the 26th annual festival in 2012 and a different blend especially for the 27th annual festival, making each wine unique.

Additionally, each bottle is numbered and signed by the artist that painted the official commemorative poster.

North Carolina has long been known for excellent seafood and fine wine.

We do not grow our grapes on premises, but source them from vineyards around the state. We ferment and cellar our wine at our facility on Lake Road in Newport.

You can enjoy tasting our wines and visit our gift shop while exploring this beautiful area.

The coastal environment can be harsh to produce some types of grapes, but is an ideal place to enjoy the wines.

There are many fine restaurants and comfortable lodging here on the Crystal Coast, come join our coastal family and have some fun.

Lake Road Winery now stocks locally made

Mamasita’s tortilla chips

Goes great with our salsas and cheeses and a

glass of Lake Road Winery fine wine!


We were recently featured in the Winery Spotlight blog for Vin and Culture. Click the  link to the right to read the entire blog.

Newport winery earns state, regional awards

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 Lake Road Winery is now carrying a selection of Ashe County Cheese made in West Jefferson, NC. Ashe County Cheese has been making cheese in North Carolina since 1930 and is North Carolina's largest and oldest cheese company. Lake Road Winery is stocking several varieties of cheese to compliment our fine Eastern North Carolina wine.

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