Description of Our Wines

Additional Wines may be available throughout the year.
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After Dark:  SWEET, Flavors and aromas of dark chocolate and vanilla are seducing this rich medium bodied wine, creating a buttery, creamy mouth feel. Pairs well with a close friend!

Autumn Jewel:
  SEMI-SWEET,  A perfect balance of the fruity, fragrant, and tangy character of the pomegranate, blended with our Merlot.

Cabernet Sauvignon:
  DRY, Deep red with hints of black cherries, black currants and plums, toasted oak and spicy.

  SEMI-SWEET, Our bold, white Muscadine. Full bodied, bursting with flavor.

  DRY, Medium bodied and crisp, blooming with citrus flavors and aroma. Mild acidic finish.

Coastal Breeze:
  SEMI-SWEET, Our classic Viognier  layered with tropical fruit to please the palate.

DRY, A blend of our Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Lots of black fruit flavors and aroma. Crafted in the Malbec driven Bordeaux style.

Doreen:  SWEET, A Muscadine vineyard in a glass. Tastes and smells just like the fresh grape. Clean and fruity.

Lisa Marie:
  SWEET, A light blush blended with raspberries for a delightful surprise and finish.

 DRY, Delightfully different, beautiful red, medium bodied, fruity and spicy with a quick finish.

Strawberry Patch:  SWEET,  A delicate fruity hint, develops into a silky flavorful burst of strawberry with a pleasant, lingering finish. Bright and refreshing.

Suzanne Marie:
 SEMI-SWEET, A perfect blend of our Merlot and Blackberry offering a fruity and refreshing surprise.

Sweet Caroline:
  SWEET, Our red Muscadine made in the old-fashioned style, soft and mellow.

Viognier:  DRY, Light and Fruity, layers of peach pear and apricot. Clean and crisp finish.

Wildwood Berry:  SEMI-SWEET, Known for many health benefits, the Acai berry offers flavors of raspberry, chocolate, and blackberry, layered throughout. Delicately blended with our Cabernet Sauvignon for a fruity treat