Light and Fruity, layers of peach, pear, and apricot. Clean and fresh finish. 750ml

Wildwood Berry: SEMI-SWEET, Known for its health benefits, the Acai berry offers raspberry, chocolate, and blackberry tones throughout this delicate blend with our Cabernet Sauvignon for a fruity treat. 750ml



DRY WHITE, Our Stainless aged Chardonnay is fruit forward,  with a floral character beginning, blooming with crisp citrus flavors and aroma.

Mild acidic finish. 750ml




Lake Road Winery

Newport, NC


Autumn Jewel: SEMI-SWEET, A perfect balance of the fruity, fragrant, and tangy character of the pomegranate, blended with our Merlot. 750ml

Lake Road Winery Sweet Wines

Lake Road Winery Semi-Sweet Wines

Croatan: DRY RED, Our Malbec, blended with our finest red wines. Crafted in the Bordeaux style. 750ml

1) You must be 21 years of age or older and be able to produce a legal form of identification that contains your photo and birthdate to the UPS driver and sign for the order when it is delivered.

(Valid Driver's License,  Military ID, Passport, Your States Special Identification Card)
2) Check the "States We Can Ship to:"list to verify your state can receive a wine shipment.

(Because of different State Laws, we may not able to ship to your state.)
3) View "Our List of Wines:" and record your selections.
4) Send us an email to:

  Include your:

     -  First and Last Name

   -  Street Address (UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box)
   -  City, State Zip Code
   -  Daytime phone number
   - Email address
   - List and quantity of each wine you want to purchase.

(Due to the size of our shipping containers, we recommended ordering wine in groups of three bottles, mix or match. Ex. 3, 6, 9, 12... Shipping cost for one bottle is almost the same as it is for three.)

When you have completed your order,email it to us at and then call us on the next business day, during business hours. Our business office is open Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm EST. Our phone number is (252) 622-0930. We will have the total charge for your order including shipping and handling and any applicable taxes. You can then pay for your order over the phone with your Master Card, Visa, or American Express. We feel this is safer to process your order over the phone than having your credit information on an online server. If  have any questions feel free to call us during business hours. Thank you.

Sweet Caroline: SWEET, Our red Muscadine, soft and mellow. 750ml



Cabernet Sauvignon: DRY RED, Deep, dark red with hints of black cherries, plums and black currents. 750ml



How to Purchase Our Wine Online




Strawberry Patch: SWEET, A delicate fruity hint, develops into a silky flavorful burst of strawberry with a pleasant, lingering finish. Bright, and refreshing.  750ml


Lake Road Winery Dry Wines

Doreen: SWEET, A Muscadine vineyard in a glass. Tastes and smells just like the fresh grape. Clean and fruity.

Carlos: SEMI-SWEET, Our bold, white Muscadine. Full bodied, bursting with flavor. 750ml

Suzanne Marie: SEMI-SWEET, A perfect blend of our Merlot and Blackberry, offering a fruity and refreshing surprise. 750ml

Coastal Breeze: SEMI-SWEET WHITE, Our classic Viognier layered with tropical fruit to please the palate. Crisp, clean, refreshing. Nice and fruity but not too sweet! 750ml


Merlot: DRY RED, Delightfully different, beautiful red, medium bodied. Fruity and spicy with a quick finish. 750ml

Our List of Wines:

Lisa Marie: SWEET, A light blush infused with raspberries for a delightful surprise and finish. 750ml

After Dark: SWEET, Flavors and aromas of dark chocolate and vanilla seduce this rich medium bodied wine, creating a buttery, creamy  mouth feel. Pairs well with a close friend!  375ml


States We Ship To: 

Alaska                                                               Minnesota                                          Washington D.C.             

Florida                                                              North Carolina